📢🇹🇷 Bergüzar and Halit with the press

Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç were seen leaving the clinic in Nisantasi. The couple of stars has denied the information that they would supposedly be preparing a nursery, after having spent 150 thousand Turkish lira in their arrangement, everything is much more modest.

Bergüzar refused to answer questions about his sister, saying that this is a family problem, and that he does not consider it necessary to discuss it with anyone (remember that his sister Zeynep, on the contrary, believes that sharing family secrets with everyone is absolutely necessary) .

While asked what is happening with the series The Choice / Babil Halit, he replied that there was a change in schedule agreed with the series. However, work continues in accelerated mode. They film in digital format and it is very difficult. Your job always requires a lot of effort. How much longer will we have to wait for the series to premiere?

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