📢🇹🇷 The new Can Yaman series is CANCELED !!

Over the past week, Can Yaman has become the most commented actor in Turkey. However, unfortunately, this popularity came along with bad publicity, which led to fatal consequences for the star. The series of San Yaman is canceled. What happened?

Previously, Turkish users on social networks have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the behavior of Сan Yaman, accusing him of fame rising to his head. His comments about his colleagues and the favorite Turkish star Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ turned many onlookers against him. However, the real scandal broke out after the actor’s visit to Spain. Shortly after his trip, he granted an interview to the Turkish publication Hürriyet.

The interview turned out to be extremely fruitless. Can, who had no information on the sales of Turkish television programs to Europe, said it was Erkençi Kus who “opened Europe to Turkish products” and that it was the first Turkish series that was shown in Spain, while television programs de Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ did not broadcast there, and Fatmagul failed completely. The audience immediately corrected the actor: the Turkish series in Europe and, in particular, in Spain are shown for a long time. Fatmagul became the main Turkish success in the Spanish air, which no one has been able to repeat so far. The results of Erkençi Kus in the rankings were modest as half of those in the series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ “Forbidden love”.

However, if Can Yaman’s extremely unfortunate comment on the series can be forgiven for the actor’s ignorance, then his next statement caused a wave of outrage. He said the success of any program requires a “high libido” of the main couple. And if the actress’s libido is low, then there will be no success citing the example of her former co-star Selen Soyder. In addition, he managed to praise Demet Ozdemir for his “high libido”, outraging his fans. The Turkish show was surprised. Considering the sexist and unprofessional statement, they gave the actor the mark of shame.

The last straw that filled the cup of patience was the interview Can gave him in Spain. One of the spectators asked: how will it prove that he was born on Earth, if he is so perfect? The actor joked inviting her to go to the backstage, where he will prove that he is an earthly man. Turkish social networks exploded with indignation. Even the most respected journalists began to leave messages, directly hinting that he would be under the effect of his addiction, offering to undergo treatment at the appropriate clinics.

The Gold Yapim producer, who was to do the new project of Can Yaman, “Can Borcum” had to make a difficult decision. He canceled the filming of the project, which was due to begin in February. Perhaps the work in the series will continue in September. Faruk Turgut wants to leave the weather and the waters calm down and then resume work with Can.
But if the Turks are still so denied and angry with Can, he will have no choice but to change his actor for another.
Meanwhile, the producer sent Can to Cyprus, where, according to the official version, he will have a rest. You are prohibited from communicating with the press. After the break, he will join the army and change his place of residence. After military service, Can Yaman will join the Survivor program in Italy as a host.

Can Turkish viewers forgive Can Yaman and accept his show? Will the actor continue to work on Turkish television or is his career hopelessly ruined? We will learn about this very soon.

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