📢🇹🇷 The lawsuit against the creators of The Protector series (DETAILS IN THE NOTE)

Adem Bıyık, who worked on the scriptwriting team for The Oath / Soz series in episodes 20 of the project, sued O3 Medya, accusing him of stealing the script for the Hakan Muhafiz / The Protector series.

Recall that the Netflix series is the adaptation of the book by Ipek Gökdel. Binur Karaevli is the show runner of the project and the main screenwriter of the program is Jason George. 10 screenwriters worked on the scripts for the first two seasons of the program. It seems that the 13 people, including the writer, unanimously “decided” to steal the text of a small unknown screenwriter. However, this proves once again that the Protector is very popular, and some people try to take advantage.

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📢🇹🇷 La demanda contra los creadores de la serie The Protector (DETALLES EN LA NOTA)

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