📢🇹🇷 Is the next Halit Ergenç series canceled?

Fans of Turkish television programs in particular hoped to watch this series.
A promotion was made in Cannes. However, the most anticipated project of the year may not be transmitted.
What happened to The Choice / Babil series and have any chance?

As was learned, the agreement between the BeIN Connect Internet platform and the television company Ay Yapim was finalized. Official version: “due to the mismatch of the project issuance dates”. The parties have no claims with each other.
The Kerem Çatay company is negotiating with the Star TV, Show TV and Fox TV channels about the broadcast of the program on free television. However, so far no information has been received about an agreement with anyone. Which is quite understandable: the series is intended for an audience that watches Internet platform projects (including foreign series like Game of Thrones), may not be suitable for a common Turkish viewer. In addition, the plot about financial pyramids and fraud does not resonate with the Turkish audience.

According to the famous journalist Ranini, the first episode (120 minutes) has already been filmed. Work on the project continues, but there is no Halit Ergenç on the set. And annoys the actor’s fans. After all, he accepted the program on the condition that it will be launched on the Internet platform.
In addition, the other day, the actor was seen at the Zorlu shopping center. According to Halit Bey, he is currently on vacation and has no new projects. What does that mean? Did Halit Ergenç leave The Choice series, or did you want to say a short break between filming?

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