📢🇹🇷 Berguzar with his words of love for “Halit”

As part of her 11th anniversary and celebration of being happy with the life Berguzar Korel leads with her husband and great actor Halit Ergenç, she dedicated these beautiful words to him accompanied by some beautiful postcards of love together. 

Berguzar in his instagram said: “Every moment that I spend with you … all the happiness that we live together, every tear for which we cry our dreams, our hope, our struggle, our fear, our stubbornness, and meet with greater love at the end of each stubbornness. May all that I live be a thousand times more … May Allah allow us to live with our children healthy and in peace for many years.

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Written by roxana

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📢🇹🇷 Berguzar con sus palabras de amor para “Halit”